Quỳnh Phương (saobang2211) wrote,
Quỳnh Phương

#35: [Perf] Arashi - Everything [Music station super live 2009.12.25][Engsub + kara][1280x720]

Happy birthday, ghol-chan^^
yesterday, livejournal sent me a mess informed that today, november 18th, is your birday ^^
so i decided to sub this performance ^^ at the end of this perf, Arashi say " arigatou" 
This is also the word that i want to send to you, arigatou for always uploading beautiful stuff, answering my stupid questions and helping me whenever i get troubles ^^
of course this perf is in HD^^ sorry that i couldn't upload this one to mf for you and i couldn't do a good job as i wanted ^^
Hope you turn to your new age with happy, lucky and money ^^( to buy all our boys' CDs ^^)

pass: fromsaobang2211toghol88

now is november 18th in vietnam ^^ 

converted from ts file from jpopsuki
PS: if you want HD raw, ts, click here 

for all my friend:
I share ghol88's birthday present to you too.
of course this birthday gift, but this beautiful performance too^^ so nice to you to comment and cheer my friend ^^
Tags: arashi, music station, performance, sub

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