Quỳnh Phương (saobang2211) wrote,
Quỳnh Phương

#36: [PV] Arashi - Ashita no kioku [1280x720][engsub - romaji - kanji karaoke]

raw convert from my dvd
i love this song, old, but ashita no kioku is always no.1 in my favorite song
i dont see anyone sub with 1280x720
hope you love this ^^ this is my present, for myseft, and for you ^^
today, i receive so much a comment send to me, " Happy birthday" from my friends^^ so happy
thank you, for always help me, when i banned from arashi_on, when jdownload is died... thank you for  everything
i plan sub and upload all their pv and perf as i can ^^ but now, enjoy^^

thank taijiproject for your trans^^
pass: arashidaisuki

from tommorrow, i will move all my new upload  in my new commnunity saobang1990 ,  my LJ now only for arashi (magazine, subbed, pv, single...)
of course, in my new community have arashi, too. this can protect all my upload. but here, i still want you can read everything about our boys although you dont have LJ acc, so i still upload here and my new community, too.
I dont want my LJ del for not arashi reason^^
Tags: arashi, pv, sub, themesong

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